Here you can receive a basic information on your stolen/lost iPhone/iPad.

If the basic information is available, then your iPhone/iPad's IMEI is correct and we'll be able to work with it.

Please make sure to check your IMEI before paying so that we don't spend time on trying to receive a report on incorrect IMEI.

If the IMEI is correct and if you wish to receive the complete paid report on your device, please fill in the Contact Us form or send us your IMEI directly at


Once we receive your confirmation we start processing your stolen/lost iPhone/iPad IMEI which can take a few days so please stay patient. If there is a delay, please do not worry, just email us or call us back on the number in the header and request to prioritize your report since our Support can be overloaded.


We really appreciate your patience and trust. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions about the service or require any kind of related assistance.


Thank you for your business!

iPhoneTrace Team.

WHEN AND WHY YOU SHOULD CONSIDER USING OUR SERVICE is the last resort. If you did not manage to enable "Find My iPhone" app before your iPhone/iPad was stolen or lost, if you never had a chance to set up an iCloud account or you never heard about these at all, if you have already used all of your options and had no result - that’s when you should consider contacting iPhonetracer, start tracking it and checking the sim card activity on your iPhone/iPad through its IMEI code. This code is implanted in every mobile phone, but in case of iPhones and iPads, this IMEI number cannot be changed/erased, that's why we only work with Apple devices. Only Apple Store can assign a new IMEI number to an officially replaced device. And it’s a major stumbling block for thieves since they cannot prove the ownership and thus replace or sell a stolen iPhone/iPad. If you know your iPhone’s IMEI or serial number, than we can pull up a lot of useful information on your gadget using just its IMEI which can be of significant help for your local police in retrieving it for you.

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Find your stolen/lost iPhone/iPad using IMEI or Serial number.